Why IMEX Istanbul

IMEX Exhibition, the meeting point of IT and Technology will be holding

  • Visitors from all over the country
  • Hosting important buyers and delegations from abroad
  • A significant portion of the sector representatives operating in the fields of IT and Technology
  • An increasing number of visitors having serious business interviews every year

Due to the simultaneous organization with the ISAF Exhibition, an important technology exhibition that we have organized 24 times in the fair organization sector that we have been operating for 21 years,

IMEX will have a strong start from the first year of organizing “with 18.320 existing visitors

And every year, the number of visitors will continue to increase….

In the fields of IT and Technology:

  • All of the products and solutions that are used today will be exhibited
  • The future technologies will be introduced
  • A continuous activity with presentation and demo areas will occur
  • Today’s and the future of the sector will be examined and discussed
  • Interactive solution shows, panels, technology presentations and information exchange discussions will take place
  • The start-up meetings, special product presentations and b2b Meetings with the investor will be done

Not only as an exhibition, but everything related to the industry will be experienced in one area.


We are inviting all the sector companies


  • To exhibit the latest products, systems, solutions and technologies in the industry,
  • To meet the users with the future technologies,
  • To show the changes in the products we use daily,
  • To appear in the sector and be one step ahead,

*ISAF Exhibition 2019 where a significant part of its visitors are partners, is the visitor data of IMEX

ISAF and IMEX Istanbul will be held simultaneously in 2021 that are expected to have total visitors around 22.000.