IMEX Istanbul, Turkey’s technology exhibition starts on 8-11 October, at the İstanbul Expo Center with the Mobile Systems and Applications, New Applications, Consumer Electronics, in short, everything concerning technology. The Giants of the technology world, which will meet at such a comprehensive event domestically for the first time, will bring together the cutting-edge products with buyers. As IMEX Istanbul will take place in connection with the ISAF exhibition simultaneously, will therefore start with 18.000+ related visitors. IMEX Istanbul, which will bring together the investors and creators of the technology world and all business, academic and R&D professionals that follows the latest innovations, will bring a breath of fresh air as the most comprehensive event in terms of the fields it organizes domestically.

IMEX Istanbul is an exhibition which is designed by carefully analyzing the many exhibitions and events organized to date and taking into account today’s market conditions and technological developments, and gives particular importance to the exhibitor and visitor satisfaction. With IMEX Istanbul, visitors will be the first witnesses of the products, systems and solutions that are developing and will be more involved in our lives in the future, while keeping a close eye on the developments in existing systems, solutions and applications.

IMEX Istanbul is the new address of technology!