2021 ISAF & IMEX Exhibitions have taken place as one of the most successful exhibitions of all times.

We hosted almost each and every sector as a participant or a visitor in our exhibitions on October 14-17. All the sector companies, retailers, vendors, project companies, installers, significant end-users as well as the emerging companies participating in the sector from all around Turkiye were all present and correct in ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions.

Bringing together the sector after 2 difficult years of the pandemic, ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions completed the 2021 event with a record in the number and the quality of their visitors in spite of this tough period. Our exhibitions that are followed by more than 20.000 visitors had completed the 2019 Exhibition, the final one before the pandemic, with 18.320 visitors. Above and beyond the 12% increase in the number of visitors, an exceptional increase in the quality of the visitors panned out. Our exhibitions were followed by almost 100% professional and individual visitors.

In 2021, ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions confronted a minute decline in the number of participants and the area of the exhibitions in comparison with the previous event. However, the size of the area that was used approximated the 2019 numbers as the participant companies extended their areas.

After 2019, it was announced that the exhibitions would move from Halls 9-10-11 to the more spacious Halls 5-6-7; however, that change could only come true in the 2021 exhibition due to the pandemic. ISAF-IMEX moved to the new halls of 24.000m2 while the total area of the previous halls was 16.000m2. 14.000m2 of that area was used in the 2021 exhibitions.

That spectacular increase in the number of visitors in the exhibitions has corroborated the expectations that ISAF-IMEX would employ the entire 24.000m2 area in their 2022 events and the number of the halls would multiply in the following years as the current ones would not suffice. With the changes in their halls, ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions have displayed the first significant indications that they would surpass, in terms of size and quality, the events that are held worldwide within the same framework.

While the Cyber Security segment that is currently on the program is witnessing growth in the exhibitions that are predominantly attended by Security, Smart Buildings, Fire Prevention, and Occupational Health&Safety companies, the new project IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition has taken its first steps. The first indications that IMEX and ISAF Cyber Security Exhibitions which demonstrated great efficiency despite the small number of visitors would cover a wider range of participants and be more enthralling in the upcoming years could be witnessed in the 2021 exhibition.

Having been held with more than 150 participants and 20.000 visitors on a 14.000m2 area, ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions have been one of the most powerful exhibitions of the post-pandemic period.

Looking forward to seeing you in our exhibitions which we expect to hold on a 24.000m2 area with more than 300 booths and 25.000 visitors in 2022.

We appreciate all the sector representatives, institutions and associations who have participated in, visited or supported our exhibitions.