IMEX: Technology and IT Exhibition

IMEX which is the meeting of Technology and IT in our country is preparing to bring together the sector at the Istanbul Exhibition Center on October 13-16.

Having been held for the first time in October, 2021, IMEX hosted 19.381 visitors in its first year it was simultaneously held along with the ISAF Exhibition. Being followed by approximately 100% professional visitors, IMEX Exhibition also hosted 494 foreign visitors from 50 countries.

Having been conceptualized in the light of the experiences and observations throughout the exhibitions held with the Marmara Fair Organization’s sector experience of 22 years and the international exhibitions followed, has proven to be an outstanding event thanks to the success it achieved in its first year. The positive feedbacks from all of the participants are an indication that the exhibition will rapidly scale up in the upcoming years.

IMEX, which will be the biggest domestic organization that will host the exhibition of today’s high technologies and the latest developments which are predicted to be indispensable in our near future lives, will be the international host of the sector in country. The exhibition will bring together the manufacturer, distributor, installer sector representatives operating in the fields of Technology and IT, the buyers, investors, inventors of the sector products, and all the business, academy and R&D professionals who follow the latest developments.

IMEX where the products that we use a part of our daily lives along with the applications used with these products will be exhibited and debated on will additionally host the introductions of the products, solutions and applications which we do not use in our daily lives yet but will become a part of our lives in the near future.

Within the fields of Technology and IT, IMEX is a very significant event which will be the center of today’s technology and the key of tomorrow and must definitely be participated in by

  • The sector companies and their representatives,
  • The manufacturers and the project inventors,
  • The distributors and representative companies,
  • The vendors and the installation companies,
  • The start-up companies, new entrepreneurs and designers,
  • The investors and the entrepreneurs seeking new investments,
  • The techno-cities and the R&D centers,
  • The new entrepreneurs and investors willing to join the sector.

Under the auspices of IMEX,

  • The latest developments in the fields of Technology and IT will be exhibited on one site, and the systems today and the future will be analyzed together;
  • Sector representatives and users will be able to meet on one site;
  • Different sector groups that, in spite of operating within the sector, do not have any contact will be able to meet each other and strengthen current business affairs along establishing new ones;
  • Bigger companies in the sector will meet smaller ones at one single point and establish potential solution partnerships thanks to these meetings;
  • The recently-developed or developing products, systems and solutions that will take more part in our lives will be exhibited for the first time;
  • Users will, on one site, be able to see the current situation in the industry, form an opinion about the future, and envision what may develop in the future;
  • Bigger investors will meet start-up companies. While the participant bigger investors welcome the start-up companies and new ideas in their booths, the start-up companies and new entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to exhibit their ideas to the bigger investors.

We are looking forward to seeing you among us to benefit from the relations and cooperation that will be established by this exhilarating event that will be held domestically for the first time in terms of covering the technology and IT fields.