IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition and Technocities

The IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition has been conceptualized in order to hold a complete technology and IT exhibition with the experience gained through having been holding the ISAF Exhibition which covers many fields of technology (Security, Cyber Security, Smart Life, Fire, and Occupational Safety and Health) for years.

Having finally been brought into being in 2021 after carrying out hard work, IMEX Exhibition hosted 19.381 visitors in its first year along with ISAF Exhibition held simultaneously. IMEX Exhibition which started on a small scale proved to be a powerful exhibition thanks to its 100% participant satisfaction, and the quality and number of its visitors.

During the initial period of IMEX Exhibition, planning and assessment was carried out about the start-up companies which were deemed to be among the most important participants of the exhibition. As closely followed by everyone, technology and IT sectors today hold more place than ever among the most powerful companies, and developed countries consider the development of the technology and IT sectors within the development of the country as the most important topic. That an exhibition which would be held in this field for the first time in our country should primarily support the new entrepreneurs was included in the operations as the most important title.

Mutual cooperation has been agreed upon as a result of the interviews with the Technology Development Zones Association ((TDZA). TDZA whose support was of noteworthy importance has provided both the organization and the technocity companies via its support to IMEX since the first day. Technocity companies have been provided with opportunities to participate in this special exhibition under special conditions.

19.381 professionals who visited the IMEX Exhibition which was not able to reach its target participant number in its first year since it was held under the pandemic circumstances ensured that the IMEX Exhibition participants achieved their optimum efficiency. This amazing interest has, frankly, motivated us to work harder for the upcoming years.

Technocities interviews were listed first for the IMEX Exhibition which will be held for the second time on October 13-16, 2022. As a result of these interviews all of which have been completed thoroughly positive, the special planning related to the Technocities and the technocity companies will be announced in the first weeks of 2022.

With the IMEX Exhibition which will be followed by more than 25.000 professionals and especially 1000s of buyers from abroad, the new entrepreneur companies are planned to be given support in order to make them take their first steps into the business life strongly.

However, IMEX Exhibition will not host the new entrepreneurs only. All the preparations and operations are being conducted so as to host the big companies of the sector too.

Looking forward to meeting you at a spectacular Technology and IT Exhibition on October 13-16, 2022.