IMEX Summit

IMEX IT, Technology and ICT Summit

brings the sector together with the main theme of ‘‘Technologies of the Future and Digital Freedom”.

Being the first domestic exhibition held with this scope and content, IMEX ISTANBUL EXHIBITION is preparing to bring together all the shareholders of the sector on October 13-16.

IMEX IT, Technology and ICT Summit will also be held concurrently with IMEX Exhibition on October 13-16.

That it has moved rapidly up in the world ranking especially in the fields of ICT, IT and Technology thanks to its young population has led our country to manage to become the attraction center of the region where it’s located in these fields. That the projects executed in the last years by our domestic companies have reached noteworthy points in the global market and numerous projects are unrivalled in their fields is a remarkable sign that we will be among the most successful countries in this field in the forthcoming years.

IMEX IT, Technology and ICT Summit has, since the beginning, been fundamentally projected to focus on that notion. Being held concurrently with IMEX Exhibition which aims domestically at the faster growth of the sector, advancement of the market and expansion of the companies, IMEX IT, Technology and ICT Summit targets on the actualization of the advancement of the sector, improvement of the sector and expansion of the companies based on a firm substructure and extensive knowledge.

As one of the noteworthy shareholder of the sector, you’re kindly invited to follow IMEX IT, Technology and ICT Summit and participate in IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition being held concurrently.

Supporters and Collaborating Institutions

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