IMEX prepares for 2023 in an utterly different way.

Being supported by the most noteworthy shareholders, institutions, NGOs, academicians and companies, IMEX will be held with its novelties at the Istanbul Exhibition on 14-17 September, 2023.

Covering such main topics as

  • IT
  • Software
  • Communication
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Games
  • The Latest Technologies,

IMEX aims at being the international convention of the sector in our country within the scope of these fields.

The most significant companies of the country and the most noteworthy international brands will exhibit their products at IMEX which will host all the electronic, mobile, communication and technological devices that have become an indispensable part of our lives with the developing technologies in addition to IT and software that operate any type of system as well as all the other solutions.

In addition to the companies whose products and solutions are already in the markets, start-ups who are preparing to join the sector, core companies and business incubators will have the opportunity to participate in the areas specially designated for them at the IMEX Exhibition. With the participation of enterprises, investment companies and fund companies, IMEX will be the most dynamic stage for the sectors.

In addition to the products and solutions we use today, IMEX will also host the technologies of the future. The visitors will be presented not only the products to be exhibited but also the technologies of the future with presentations and solution demonstrations. Technocities, R&D centers, public bodies and NGOs will be among the most esteemed participants of the IMEX Exhibition.

The Largest Convention of the ICT and the Latest Technology Sectors in Eurasia.

IMEX is an event of paramount importance which is the center of today’s technology, will be the key to the future and must be participated in by the all of the sector companies from the smallest to the largest, from the most local to the most international ones operating in the fields of IT, Software, Communication, Consumer Electronics, Games and the Latest Technologies.

Thanks to IMEX,

  • All the shareholders operating in the fields of IT, Software, Communication, Consumer Electronics, Games and the Latest Technologies will come together,
  • All the latest developments, the most brand-new products, the most up-to-date rechnologies and solutions will be exhibited in one place,
  • Information exchange about the technologies of the future will be made,
  • Users of the products and solutions will come together with the sector companies, and contribute to the development of the sector via providing them with feedbacks,
  • The sector companies will both improve their relations and establish new ones,
  • Different sector groups that have no contact with each other despite being in the sector will have the opportunity to meet each other and establish new business relations,
  • The cooperation and the interaction within the sector will strengthen,
  • Sector companies will get to know each other,
  • Competitors will be able to see each other and have the opportunity to triumph in the competition,
  • Investors will look for new investment opportunities while enterprises share their solutions with the new investors.

We are looking forward to seeing you among us to capitalize on the cooperation and relations brought about by IMEX which is the only international event held domestically within that scope.

In 2023, IMEX will host not only today’s latest technologies but also the products, systems and technologies of the future.

These fast changes and developments cause all the segments in the sector to continuously follow the products and technologies. All of these changes and developments which excite all the segments operating in technology-related fields and consequently bring about significant dynamism in the sector will be exhibited at IMEX…

IMEX Istanbul where the latest solutions, the most brand-new products and the latest technologies in the fields of IT, Software, Communication, Consumer Electronics, Games and the Latest Technologies are exhibited and followed will be held concurrently with 27th ISAF Exhibitions and be a mesmerizing event convening all the shareholders operating in the field of technology.

In 2023, the products exhibited and the solutions offered in the ISAF and IMEX exhibitions will cover a much wider range. ISAF and IMEX will be an amazing technology show with newer participants and newer visitors.

  • Being the only domestic exhibition of the sector and up for becoming the largest of the region,
  • Aiming at having all the shareholders of the sector in the country either participate in or visit,
  • Performing the operations to have all the international brands and companies participate in,
  • Expecting to be absolutely visited by all the users and everybody related to the sector,
  • Exhibiting the latest products and technologies followed by the all of the companies in the sector from the largest to the smallest,
  • Being looked forward to by the companies to exhibit their products of the latest technology and by the visitors to explore the latest technologies,
  • Being the place where the recently-developed products and solutions will be launched
  • Paving its path by growing and developing year over year,

IMEX meticulously prepares for 2023 via

Strengthening its “The Center of Technology” slogan,

Enhancing its “Smart Solutions” main theme,

Broadening its recognition in the sector every day.

IMEX aims at a new growth in 2023 via reaching

  • 500-m2 area (from 20.000-m2 area)
  • More than 400 stand areas (from 193 stand areas)
  • Brands and products of 1.000 companies (from brands and products of 506 companies)
  • Participants from more than 50 countries (from 37 countries)
  • More than 25.000 visitors (from 18.726 visitors)
  • 3000 visitors from abroad (from 1065 visitors from abroad).