With IMEX Istanbul, the industry now has a very comprehensive exhibition!

Manufacturer, seller, distributor, dealer, practitioner, end user…

The first steps of communication between all the segments of the sector begin with IMEX Istanbul. In order to ensure the different representatives of the sector and the various product groups are gathered, IMEX Istanbul is being delicately elaborated.   

In addition to being started simultaneously with ISAF 2020 which holds 18.000+ visitors currently, IMEX Istanbul is going to open its doors to the new visitors as well. Since, IMEX Istanbul and ISAF Exhibition have a very common structure in terms of content, exhibitors and visitors will be exceedingly. Interacting with each other.

As the developing technology has entered every part of our lives and progressed rapidly, companies have to be a follower of today’s technology almost immediately and offer this technology to consumers. Companies that will meet through IMEX Istanbul at a common point will have the opportunity to meet their latest technology products with their visitors. As being visited by many professionals from Turkey and international markets IMEX Istanbul will be an important platform that the latest technologies being displayed to establish an indispensable link between visitors and exhibitors for new commercial relationships.

Do not miss this unique experience with IMEX Istanbul!